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Poster Number:

Please see your Poster Number and Board Number from the List of Poster Presentations which includes:

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Code of Poster Topic

Code Topic Poster No. Group Board No.
PA. Cancer Etiology and Mechanisms PA-01 to PA-46 1 001 - 046
PB. Early Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis PB-01 to PB-46 1 047 - 092
PC. Molecular Targets for Therapeutic Intervention PC-01 to PC-12 1 093 - 104
PD. Cancer Prevention PD-01 to PD-24 2 001 - 024
PE. Towards the Cure PE-01 to PE-21 2 025 - 045
PF. New Approaches Towards Cancer Therapeutics PF-01 to PF-13 2 046 - 058
PG. Drug Design, Discovery and Development PG-01 to PG-45 2 059 - 103

Guidelines for Poster Preparation:

Poster Board (PC VI)


The Ballroom Foyer on the Lobby level of the Shangri-La Hotel.
(Please see the Congress Floor Plan at the Congress Venue page or download)


Group 1: POSTER NUMBER - PA-01 to PC-12, BOARD NUMBER 001 - 104
Group 2: POSTER NUMBER - PD-01 to PG-45, BOARD NUMBER 001 - 103

Staff will be available in the morning of Friday, November 30 to Sunday, December 2, and at all times during the day to assist presenters.